Who is this Book for?

Anyone who is held back by fears and insecurities! Or you just want MORE!

You could be a leader strong in your faith, a person who has never considered God as an option, or somewhere in between. If you are facing impossible challenges, or struggling to find hope, I created this content with you in mind. My request to you is simply this; come as you are, take off your mask, open your heart and be ready to receive.

Here's What You Will Get

  • Tools

    Valuable tools to help you acknowledge your giants and understand your role in defeating them. Help you to see that living a life of contagious courage IS possible. ARE YOU READY?

  • 29 Videos

    Through raw story telling, humor, moments of reflection and journaling, you will understand your value, know you are not alone in your journey and discover how to let go of the paralyzing fears and insecurities that are holding you back.

  • Bonus Features

    You will receive a special request to share YOUR story, along with an invite to GO DEEPER in a group setting. More details about bonuses and special offers at the end of the book.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Meet The Author

    • Meet The Author - Video

    • Contagious Courage Book Promo

  • 2

    Dedication & Introduction

    • Dedication - Contagious Courage was written with YOU in mind!

    • Introduction

  • 3

    Section 1 - Courage IS Possible!

    • Chapter 1 - Where to Begin When Your Building Again?

    • Chapter 2- CTRL-Z

    • Chapter 3 - Recycled Pain

    • Chapter 4 - Where Does This Fit?

  • 4

    Section 2 - Preparing for a Life of Courage

    • Chapter 5 - I Am Courageous!

    • Chapter 6 - Knowing is Only Half the Battle

    • Chapter 7 - Who Told You That?

    • Chapter 8 - What's Stopping You?

  • 5

    Section 3 - Courage to Grow

    • Chapter 9 - Win the Day

    • Chapter 10 - Grow Through What You Go Through

    • Chapter 11 - What Does Your Fruit Taste Like?

  • 6

    Section 4 - The Cost of Courage

    • Chapter 12 - What Are you Seeking?

    • Chapter 13 - What's Your Muster Point?

    • Chapter 14 - Keeping In Step

  • 7

    Section 5 - A Courageous Perspective

    • Chapter 15 - There's Always Another Way

    • Chapter 16 - You Can Make Extraordinary Ordinary!

    • Chapter 17 - A Reboot Changes Everything

  • 8

    Section 6 - A Life of Contagious Courage

    • Chapter 18 - What You New Normal?

    • Chapter 19 - The Strength of My Weakness

    • Chapter 20 - A Courageous Prayer of Blessing

    • Chapter 21 - Igniting Hearts With Hope

    • Chapter 22 - Rise and Shine

  • 9

    Section 7 - Reflect & Review

    • Chapter 23 - Your Courage Assessment

    • Chapter 24 - Battle For Endurance

  • 10

    Course Wrap-up

    • Let's Stay Connected

    • Final Thoughts

    • Your feedback is important

    • Laughing WITH ME or AT ME Bloopers

"I'm not courageous because I don't ever fear, I am courageous because I don't let fear control me."

- Vahen King

Still Have Questions?

  • How long is the book?

    This book is 8 hours long, but it's broken into 29 videos. This allows you time between each chapter to reflect, journal and then continue watching at your own pace.

  • Is Vahen available for coaching and mentoring?

    Because of the growing number of request for this service, Vahen has group coaching/mentoring, with limited availability. Please email info@goingfarther.org to save your spot and request more information. Subject line: "coaching/mentoring."

  • How can I help or get involved?

    PRAY – for Vahen and the Going Farther team as they continue to grow, and spread the message of hope and courage.

    GIVE – If you wish to help Going Farther continue spreading the message of hope and courage, you could consider a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly sponsor.

    SHARE – Invite or refer me to speak at an upcoming conference/retreat or community event in your area. Either via zoom or in person. If my videos have encouraged you, I’ll also invite you to share with your friends, and help me with spreading the message of hope and courage.

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Heather Whitehead - Ontario College Advanced Diploma (OCAD) Biotechnology, Bachelor of Art (Honours) (BA) Psychology.

"In a time where we are conditioned by social media to only talk about the perfect times in our lives, Vahen’s willingness to expose the faults and the flaws is like a breath of fresh air."


Jeremiah Raible - Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker at The John Maxwell Team Effectiveness Coach at ABNWT District PAOC

Contagious Courage is a great tool and an inspiration for so many. Because of Vahen’s “never give up, never back down” attitude, she takes away the millions of excuses that people have about why they can’t do X, Y or Z. Imagine if millions of people had contagious courage—that’s what I see happening as a result Vahen’s book, Contagious Courage.


Rev. Kevin Shepherd CEO | Crossroads, YES TV

Contagious Courage, is authentic, open, real, and sometimes even raw personal stories help us identify those parts of our own lives that we may have falsely concluded will keep us bound. Too many of us hide amidst the barriers of our brokenness. Vahen offers us a pathway to find the courage to break through our fears and failures to go farther!